Synth Notes Audio for different instruments

The WAV format is a digital audio file containing audio samples in a digital format. Each sample represents the Audio signal's amplitude at a specific point in time. These samples are combined and played back in sequence, creating the audio playback we hear.

Inside a WAV file, the audio data is typically stored in a raw, uncompressed format, meaning that every sample of Audio is kept as-is. This results in large file sizes but also ensures that the audio data remains unaltered, preserving the original quality of the Audio.

Download notes provide a WAV file. WAV files contain information about the file, including mono or stereo property, bit depth, sample rate and number of tracks.

We provide several types of instrument audio like Bass-Acoustic, Bass-Electric, Piano-Electric, Guitar-Acoustic, Guitar-Electric, Grand Piano-Acoustic, Grand Piano-Electric, Piano-Electric (Mel), Nylon Guitar-Acoustic, Violin, Flute, Cello, Trumpet, Music Box.

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