Multiple versions of MIDI  

We provide two types of MIDI  files chords MIDI and notes MIDI.

Chords MIDI->

Chords MIDI files are digital files that contain musical data in the form of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) messages.

Chords MIDI is a type of MIDI file that contains data about the chords used in a musical piece. This information allows for the automatic generation of accompaniment tracks or chord progressions for other instruments.

Chords MIDI provides MIDI files of chord progressions and chord sequences. These MIDI files can be opened and edited in a digital audio workstation (DAW) to create music.

Notes MIDI->

We provide four types of MIDI file chord note midi, simple notes midi, bass notes midi and music notes midi.

MIDI files of notes can be helpful for musicians who want to practice playing along with a song or piece of music. MIDI files are digital files that contain information about the notes, timing, and other musical elements of a piece of music.

Notes MIDI provides a standardized way of representing musical information in digital form, including information about pitch, duration, velocity, and other parameters.

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