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Notes Beta or Experimental  

Notes Beta or Experimental

Notes Beta for a song is still fine-tuned and improved based on user feedback and testing. By providing Notes for a song in Beta, we aim to gather valuable insights from our users to enhance the feature's functionality, accuracy, and overall user experience. We encourage you to explore this experimental feature and provide us with your feedback, suggestions, and any issues you encounter.

While we strive for excellence, it's important to note that as a Beta version, the feature may have occasional bugs or incomplete functionality. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this phase as we work diligently to address any limitations and make necessary adjustments.

ChordU provides 4 types of musical notes: Chords Notes, Simple notes, Bass notes and Music notes.

  1. Chords notes comprise of a combination of notes within its scale played together simultaneously.

  2. Simple notes are rhythmic version of the song is displayed as musical notation.

  3. The bottom support of the chord, on which other parts rest on. No matter how the music is played, its bass notes is the lowest.

  4. Music Notes played on different musical instruments represent a sound's pitch and duration.

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